• May 7th (7:00pm-9:00pm): “Conversational Agents Hit the Web” — a Tech Talk hosted by The Huffington Post, 770 Broadway, NYC
  • May 12th-May 18th: ITW Big Thrill Roundtable — “What are the secrets to creating a popular antihero?” (online discussion here)

  • May 26th-June 1st: ITW Big Thrill Roundtable — “Setting Limits: Can a plot get too intricate?” (online discussion TBD)
  • June 14th (3:00pm-7:00pm): Dualism Book Party, Weathertop Manor, Milford PA (invitation only)
  • July 11th (6:30pm-8:00pm): FanFest, Grand Hyatt, NYC (contest winners only)



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  1. hi Mr Desmedt, i so enjoyed your first book, Singularity and have just finished it for the second time. I would love to read Dualism but cannot buy it from Amazon… i tried and they said finally that they could not find it.

    How could i obtain this book, please? or I have an ipad so could download an ebook if possible.

    thanks a lot, anita

    • jakkoke

      With the sale of Per Aspera Press, Dualism has found another publisher and will be re-released this year sometime. Stay tuned for exact dates.

      • Michael McBride

        Could I also receive a notice when “Dualism” is available for purchase?

        “Singularity” was excellent! I can’t wait to read the sequel.

        Michael McBride

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