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Fanfest Contest Daily Tweet

Win drinks with Bill and other (even more famous!) thriller writers. See Contest 1 – Tweet Your Heart Out for full rules.

So, here it is — your daily tweet for May 15, 2014:

Timah shouldn’t get upset. Getting upset could bring the colors,
and the bad feeling in her tummy, and then the darkness.

And now … make every tweet count, by clicking the “Tweet” button below to tweet this shameless appeal to your Twitter followers:

Trying to win a ticket to FanFest 2014, and you can help!
Just retweet my previous tweet, the one with the DualismTheBook hashtag.

That’s it! Good luck and Happy Tweeting!

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Welcome to Dualism by Bill DeSmedt

This site is still under construction, but until it’s all fleshed out you can go to the Per Aspera Press site for more information.

Praise for Bill:

“An exciting tale of another path to super intelligence.”
— VERNOR VINGE, three-time HUGO award-winning author (on Dualism)

“DeSmedt veers an action-packed thriller into perilous realms…
The combination of adrenaline and intellect sizzles.”

— DAVID BRINNew York Times bestselling author (on Singularity)

“An innovative concept for an end-of-the-world thriller,
with convincing research and locomotive pacing.”

— KEVIN J. ANDERSONNew York Times bestselling author (on Singularity)



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